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Top 3 Crypto exchanges 💎💎💎


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I have been trading crypto, mostly futures, for a few years. Some exchanges make that more fun🥳🎁🥳 then others. My 3 favorite crypto exchanges are listed below, please feel free to coment if you have other exchanges you like. 

1. Binance, will always bee the nr 1 exchange for me. If you can't find it on Binance, you don't want to buy it!😉  


2. Huobi pro, the most fun exchange around, there is always something new to do on Huobi pro. It's the most entertaining by far, competitions, candydrops, NFTs and lots more fun happenings going on here!🥳🎁 


3. Kucoin, I like this exchange much because it was the first one I tried and where I learned how to trade. A super serious exchange, I always feel safe when I trade at Kucoin and lately they have added some fun games (even a  slot machin! 🎰)


Have fun and stay safe!! 

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