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Hello and a rather large post haha


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Hi new here been here a week or so.


Learnt some things my usual way just try things and see what happens.


Would love a shitcode if anyone has one, lost most my slush money working out the sites features, but while I write that early into this hello, just know I don't expect one nor is it life or death, I actually find asking for help awkward just as I do in RL, so there that it, done and out of the way so lets move on to more about me and a hello to all you, 


Asked as well don't ask don't ...



Would like some feedback on what I think I've worked out by winning and loosing this month's spare slush.


I come from a Forex trading backgroundmany many years ago which taught me trading is just gambling with a plan once you strip emotions away.


These days I'm not so flush with the end of covid and we'll many reasons tbh, so I have spent the last few days making up trading plans for each game that i have played and I think i have a workable plan. Just need to be patient


waiting some RL things to fall into place as currently my slush fund depleted it will be about two weeks where I can re invest the needed starting capital to come back to bcgame and use what I've learnt with a larger wallet, and a more educated apparoach to sustain the drawdown periods as they naturally occur, cutting those losses without over leveraging my account and only playing the games which I have found to have for me at least the most positive expectancy providing I stick to a framework over and over.


Might sound silly to some this next sentence, I've blown my money, I didn't go out my way to blow it, it was used pushing the boundaries of bet size, account size, payout amounts and probability Vs profitability against some games I will stick too on the next investment, one which will be to alot boring as it will be small trades low payouts and no emotion or exciting bets on the table as I've just had that fun working on things out this time.


For anyone reading this? By all means reply to my hello post, are other people coming here with the same attitude I am, to turn some fun and learning into a repeated not so fun action to get to the point of having a positive expected outcome to your own approach, 


My fun will be interacting more with the community, much like I am kicking off this part tonight by saying a friendly hello.


Open to making friends here so if you would like too add me up and say hello,I don't bite... Haha well.. much ...


Now I see alot or requests for funding, I'll say if anyone wants to helpe by funding me a loan of 0.2BTC for a couple weeks and we can sign and tie it to RL assets or whatever and agree a replayment amount and timeframe 


I won't say no...lol


That said I'm also not expecting anyone too and without anyone helping in that way I will be back just need to put some things in order and given some time all is good.


However I wouldn't say no to a shitcode they seem rare, they damn helpful to a new player like myself and well what goes around comes around I hope to down the line maybe be the one giving a new player a code


Honest question, how active is this community forums have some activity, chat is just lightning fast, either way here is another 1 to both those camps.


Been playing with scripts though I don't code but ok to edit bits, thanks to the community there are s.decent ones for sure.


For this final bit please people chime in on your own thoughts 


This isn't a difinitive list of lessons just the major few pointers I'd like confirmation from other users as to their own experience to see if it reinforces my own findings, 


I'll list my thoughts against say three games as each game is unique


There are some overall things first I should mention that apply to all of bcgame well actually they are 101 rules for surviving the losses and being here for the long term


Infact that point is paramount, it's actually why I've blown my account, don't get me wrong I took 30 dollars upto 100 ish dollars last night only to pop the lot again today, 


Why? Testing exit stragety, loss frequency of game played and also bet size Vs games probability to give a certain outcome, 


So yes we back to I kind of purposely blow up a few times now, and that's a positive thing, one it's money I can afford to loose, two it tests my theories on how to play each game and it makes my safer second approach to BC game and my plan more valid and reinforces my boundaries for survival of funds.


As a side note, I play slots online fiat one week a month, I risk 2 X £250 I'm two deposits per play and will do this max four times in that week once a day,


I usually come out positive on the first 250, if I add the second I trade more aggressively around 30% bigger bets and if I choose to increase betsize using martingale, which for most is seriously the easiest way to blow your money if not managed well, I'll go one level more to recover a loss, which is 4 losses personally, and when the wins come cause they do given enough spins and enough money for probability to give you a winner, that providing I take the win, which I always play till wipe out or at least break even if not my night or nice Win, either way I withdraw the money litrally as soon as say the bonus ends, 


Now if I'm up decently I will some times deposit upto 30% of my now withdrawn profits at the end of the session, tbh mostly for fun, and well who knows sometimes a large win but this last bit I treat without focus and just have funoxing stuff up, as sometimes it's just nice to gamble without trying to loose.


Some times I use the 2 X 250 and do roulette, 4,6 32,34,35,36 and 0 are my numbers and I play m3ga fire blast, usually if I cover a few more in the third quarter I can sustain if Im statically in luck.


Well... nothing is a given, all we can all do is give ourselfs the best scenarios for surviving and not being a consistent looser, 


And that's why I'm genuinely ok and happy even that my first round of funds I've used and lost trying to find my edge and a mental mindset being part of what I've found so far a cool place.


So I planned to at least get level 22 here, and no I didn't use xp grinding tactics for xp, xp has been earnt mostly not using scripts but click by click.


So... Here is my views


Oh bare in mind I only play bcgame originals.


Deposit an amount where you bet size is between 0.1% and max 1% of your total investment

(I plan to invest £1000 min and bet 30p 90p £2.70 and £8.10 max bet size, so just over 0.8% on forth increase of loosing bet if using martingale to recover losses)


At fourth loss. I accept the loss 


But I also use bet increase and decreases not just for loss recovery but also like on cave, where I treat 3 spins as one single bet phase, I sometimes rather than say risk 30p on first spin of three I'll use 10,20,then 30, of any of the first two lower bet amount spins hits a win, I will then double the 3 spins per bet phase to now six to see if I can climb the tower more, at a cost that less than 3 X 30p


Anyway that's getting a bit specific I'll split it into games.


I love, crash, limbo, classic dice, cave and 




Bet size roughly, 10,30,90p £1.8 £3.5


Now I treat 3 spins as one bet


I treat 2 bets as one sequence 


I change my actions based of spin 1, or results after spin 3 is done.


For bets over £1 I break a 6 spin sequence into 3 bets of 2 spins each.

(Unless I'm in recovery phase)


6 spin sequence

Betsize 1 - 30p ish


6 spin sequence

Betsize 2 - 90p ish

10 spin sequence - 6 spins and 4 spins double size 

Betsize 3 - £1.8 ish

Last 4 spins - £3.5 ish


( I say ish as my variance around that isze is 30% +/- so first bet would be 20-40p all increases are 3 X initial loss until in this game the 4 spins final recovery spins that are 2x last loss)



Under £1 I will spin a full three times to.try and climb ladder and I cash in any wins at spin three.


Only exception is if spin 1 and 2 is a skull, I then spin 3,4,5,6 as a group of 4 and collect


If skull comes on spin 6, or two skulls in three spins, I change seed and double betsize for next 3 spins.


For any increase on betsize to recover a loss, for each and every single spin of the next six I collect any and all wins on every spin to maximize all wins each spin as they land rather than try and climb ladder for a bigger win, as the single win is larger than before anyway, and the games definitely change the probability of a win spin on larger bet sizes. This ensures the bigger risk I am now taking tries to takes the risk and most important any profits off the table with no risk of loosing the win.


If six spins pass and over all it's a negative outcome to balance I repeat another six spins with the same collect each spin method, 


If the six spins are positive and I'm in profit at spin six I will decrease back to the smaller bet size and continue.


If I get three skulls on this recovery phase o will change seed and multiply betsize a further 2-3x 


This last increase if I've lost and lost again according to method, I will spin at this final betsize increase 4 spins, and actually on paper they are an extension of the previous phase, these are counted as spin 7,8,9 and 10. 


For spins 7,8,9,10 I collect every single spin if a win.


If I still come out as a loss, I start at the beginning again and accept that loss, 


Let me try and find a easy way to write this


X - skull

W - win

L - loose

Xn - bet increase amount, 

( A blank space) how I split the sequence


X WW collect at spin 3 


WWW collect spin 3, try climb ladder

Unless pendant is first spin.


Wp collect WW so pendant dropped spin one collected spin 2 and 3 spun collecting at spin 3 finish


If loose balance over 3 spin or 


XXW XWX so any two skulls in 3 spin, change seed and double betsize for next sequence.


WWX continue next sequence at same betsize as at book wins covers expense of sequence.


WLX any sequence ending in a loss to balance loss in set of three double bet size for next three spins unless on stage 3 where it's 4 as stated above


Right have to be honest this was meant to be a little hello, it's 00:36 I'm tired, it's much more in depth than I planned but hey it's all good 


Just I'll come back tomorrow night to finish this, got my son over so up early hahaha 



Love love community and btw hello my name is Ben 









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