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losing streak 14x (51% win chance)


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Hi All,

I am addicted to the Classic Dice game,
For 2 days in a row, I am playing the Auto-Bet setting.
The highest losing streak for me was 14x with a 51% winning chance setting for me...

This happened to me yesterday 2 times and today again 2 times.
I am not here to wine or beg orso, just to get more information about the game

The chance of losing 14 times in a row from even chances is around 0.006% (take it a bit)
This means that when a regular dice rolls this will happen globally around once in the 17000 turns
in a speed season the dice will roll around 1.5 times a second
This means overall is will happened around the 25500 seconds making: once in about every 7 hours. 

Somewhat it feels like losing, on the other hand. 7 hours isn't that long....


Just to give you more information (50/50 setting):

15 times losing in a 50/50 setting is 0.003% (once every 14 hour)
16 times losing  is 0.0015% (once every 28 hours)
17 times losing is 0.00075% (once every 56 hours) 
18 times losing is 0.000375% (once every 112 hours around 4,5 day) 

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happens way more often then that for sure. I have had losing streaks like that happen in less than 5 minutes in every in house game.  Multiple times in a row even after changing seeds. Especially in any of the dice games, limbo. hash dice, roulette, coin flip, mines etc. Even crash has moments that there are that many reds in a row at times.

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Today i've met 1 time a 14 losing streak Classic Dice (51% chance win)
and a one time 14 winning streak Classic Dice (51% chance win)

You are right; the chances are higher than my calculations. What is weird when i look at the code page what is suggesting always a totally random number between 0.009 and 100.001 2 decimals
Just to be safe; there is also a house win of 1%. and the fact that setting the bar on 50/50 don't give you 2x payout.

next to that 14x streak in winning/losing several times in a row, is also possible  it will not be there once every 7 hours. The possibility of 14 streak 2 times in a row is that small  14-1-14 makes 29 throws of the dice in a row 1/(2^29) = very very very very tiny chance... 


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You seem to like being choked and fat dicks since you are still here and continue to return LOL


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at 51 % to win, i had easily like 23 red strikes in a row, the biggest error we made is making the calculation thinking in terms of probability,i mean the bet n is not related to the bet n- 1 or n+1 , so that is why you can have so big series of loosing strikes


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